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深挖地基 Digging down the earth

當我們把舊房拆除之後,我們會在土地上挖出一個坑來打新屋的地基. 這是我們最近在本拿比進行的新屋建造的第二階段.

當需要建造三層的房屋的時候, 往往地基需要挖到很深的地方. 在這種情況下, 從平地挖出來的土的量就會更多, 這也是為什麼三層的房屋會比兩層房屋的每尺造價要高大約25%.

After demolition of the existing house, the next step is to dig out the dirt in the lot for foundation of the new house. The amount of dirt dig out from the ground depends on how deep the house needs to go underground. I will be 1-2 truck loads of dirts dig out for he houses that are doing a basement level. This is why the cost of 3 story house is approx. 25% extra than doing a 2-story house.

當地基的坑挖好了之後, 土地調查公司會將新房的建築區域詳細的測量並在地基中標註出來, 我們為了您能更早一天入住您的新家, 會以最快的速度將打地基的前序工作都做好, 追求高質量與高效率.

After taking out the dirt, the surveyor will come in and put down the layout pins for indicating where the building envelope is. A foundation of the house will be built based on these layout pins.

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