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Concrete Foundation 建築水泥地基

在上一個步驟挖出地基之後,我們已經建築好了這棟房子的水泥地基. 根據卑詩省的建築法規所有的地下室部分必須是由水泥建築而成來保證建築物的安全和質量. 這也是為什麼加拿大的房屋都非常牢固!

除了水泥牆之外所有的管道的正確連接也是建造地基的重中之重, 這些基礎必須要100%的正確才可以通過城市審查員的第一步審查.

我們的每一處連接管道,每一塊水泥築牆都是完全根據結構工程師的精心計算的圖紙而建造的. 絕對的按法規合理的建造是您新家之後完全安全的保障!

After the digging of the dirt, we are building the concrete foundation in the lot. According to the city by-law, the basement foundation must be built with concrete to ensure safety. A good and correct foundation is the key for building a nice, strong and safe home. Besides the structure, all plumbing need to be 100% correct and according to the engineered drawings. The foundation and plumbing will need to pass the 1st stage city inspection before any further process.

City of Vancouver and City of Burnaby are very strict on the inspection of foundations and we are always making them correctly! You don't have to worry about anything after you move in!

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